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We Work Hard To Provide The Best Quality Microgreens

Montana (MT) Wild Roots is a “budding” Microgreen Farm in the heart of NW. Montana. We are a small family business working hard to produce high quality, healthy & delicious greens year round. We are privileged to provide a local, secure, sustainable source of fresh green flavor & nutrition, despite Montana’s short growing season.  

Our Company

Growing vegetables in general but greens in particular is our passion. Producing a product that others can enjoy and benefit from brings us immense joy. 

We plan to continue to experiment with different varieties of microgreens in better effort to offer a eating experience that is as pleasing to the eye as it is a treat for the taste buds. 

Our CSA Subscription Service & Grow to Order offerings will surely grow right along with our greens. We look forward to providing new flavors, experiences & recipe ideas for our customers. 

As a small Montana family business, we are eager to play an active & beneficial role in our community. That is – providing the highest quality, most nutritious product we can for both our family & for yours!


Meet Kassy!

Kassy holding basket

Kassy Moore


Kassy worked as a Registered Nurse in her Rural Critical Access Hospital for over a decade. The medical field left her stressed out, burned out and searching for more. More  time with family, more peace and a slower pace. Unexpected life changes sent her in a direction she always wanted but never thought she’d have. – Full time Homemaker. 

Now she is a full-time momma to 3 beautiful children, a wife and homemaker. She shares all kinds of Homemaking encouragement and inspiration on her Blog, Instagram & YouTube channels. Her passion for nurturing life is still focused on her family & community but in a different way – cultivating beautiful & nourishing local foods!

Microgreens specifically peaked her interest in the Winter of 2020 when she found herself homeschooling her 2 oldest children. As a science project they grew Microgreens in Recycled Containers. The greens grew nearly right before their eyes. It was a happy sight in the middle of winter! It both mesmerized & fascinated them. They haven’t stopped growing since.- the children AND the Microgreens.

 Planting is her therapy and she is delighted to share what brings her joy with others in her community. She does this through the greens she grows as well as the education on self sufficiency & growing your own food at home!

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