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Grow to Order

Seed to harvest, many are ready in 7-14 days. This means we have super FRESH greens available weekly. Wholesale & bulk pricing available upon request .

CSA & Subscriptions

Community-Supported Agriculture "CSA" is the perfect opportunity to GROW WITH US! Join our subscription service that is available ALL YEAR, support our family farm AND get fresh, nutritious greens delivered weekly. CSA sessions are available during summer months.

Farmer's Markets

Connecting face to face with those we grow for is what keeps US going and growing! Markets run seasonally in our area and are the perfect opportunity to meet new people AND grow & give samples of FUN new varieties of Microgreens.

Online Classes

Our selection of online courses & remote learning opportunities are a joy and a honor to bring to YOU. Learn how to grow microgreens and "old fashioned skills" from the comfort of your own home.

Microgreen Supplies

We have specially curated a list of our favorite go-to microgreen seeds, supplies and resources. If it's not tried and true we don't share it with you!

Microgreen Recipes

Enjoy learning and exploring our favorite microgreen flavors and recipe ideas. Homemaking without Fear blog hosts all our favorite microgreen recipes.

Responsibly Grown

Ethically sourced, Non-GMO Seed. Certified Organic growing medium ALWAYS & seed whenever possible!
Plastic free, certified-compostable packaging.

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MT Wild Roots is proud member of the Made in Montana Program that supports local artists, craftsmen & producers in our area. As a 5th generation Montana farming & ranching family, our roots run deep & wild in the soil. We grow microgreens using the highest standards of cleanliness & quality. Seed & grow medium is NON-GMO and certified organic. No fertilizers, or pesticides. Even our packaging is certified compostable because it too is made from plants!

LOOK what's new!
Edible Flowers

Jazz up your favorite dishes – entree, appetizer or dessert with our NEW edible flower assortments. What a simple way to add a bit of fancy and whimsy to your everyday, special events or celebrations. 

Choose from 2 different clamshell sizes. Assortment will vary depending on seasonality. Below are just SOME of what you may find!


Buds & Petals

Herbals & Veggies

. . . and more to come!

Just a few of our Favorites

From spicy to mild, there are Microgreens to suit any taste!

Find our Microgreens Featured Locally

From fine dining to breweries, direct to consumer or fresh from the local grocery. MT Wild Roots Microgreens can be as fancy or as simple as you desire. We are proud to provide our high quality microgreens at the following local establishments. 

Support Local Business!

Thompson Falls – Uptown Essentials| 905 Mains St. (Monday-Friday Open 9:30-5pm, Closed Saturday
Plains – Wildhorse Trading Co. Farm & Feed| 109 West Lynch Street (Open Open Monday -Friday 10:00am-5:30pm & Saturday 10:30am-3:30pm)

Experience Microgreens.

Intense flavor, vivid colors & crisp texture matched to their culinary versatility and exceeded by their nutrient- richness

Need help in choosing the right Micros?

MT Wild Roots Mustard Microgreens in Sushi
MT wild Roots Burgers with Arugula

Consider what dishes you like to cook in your home and how you plan to use your Microgreens. Microgreens can be incorporated in all kinds of dishes: Sandwiches, wraps, sushi, ramens, salads, noodle dishes and tacos are just SOME of our favorite ways to get micros in our diet. 

If your family loves spice consider a Spice Mix, Radish, Arugula or flavorful Mustard

Do you eat with your eyes first like me?? Then perhaps a colorful mix like Rainbow or Colorful Radish would be perfect. Have you seen Amaranth Microgreens? Breathtaking. . . 

All about the health aspects? Broccoli and all other brassicas pack in the nutrients. Some studies show Red Cabbage Microgreens to have up to 40 times the nutrient density of it’s mature counterpart. 

Picky eaters? Sunflower, Pea Shoots/Tendrils and Popcorn shoots are for you! Eat them like candy right out of the package. 

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