Colorful Radish Mix


A stunning colorful radish microgreen mixture sure to delight in any application. This non-GMO radish seed mix is super easy to grow, offering an incredible yield and a short amount of time. Use this mix to liven up any dish requires extra flavor and/or color.

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This radish is a stunning mix of green Daikon and purple Rambo radish. Radish microgreens served fresh can be even spicier than their adult root counterparts. They are wonderful for adding a spicy kick and a burst of color to sandwiches and cold noodle dishes.

When added to soups or other hot dishes just before serving their spice is greatly offset by the heat becoming a mild note that enhances the dish overall.

Add radish microgreens to top off a watermelon, avocado and feta salad. Can be used in any dish that calls for fresh mint at the end to add a summery spice that takes your dish to the next level.


Weight 16 oz

16 oz, 24 oz


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