Welcome to MT Wild Roots educational resources. We absolutely adore planting, growing and selling microgreens but teaching others how to grow their own is even more rewarding.

Whether you are here to learn about growing microgreens at home or you are interested in growing ALL THE THINGS – you are in the right place.

Our eCourses are designed to be affordable, easy to access and perfect for even the busiest schedules. Binge watch all the lessons or break them up and learn at your own pace. High quality video, video tours, demonstration, lecture & beautiful imagery are all part of the learning experience here at MT Wild Roots. I’m not going to overwhelm you with too much info but give you just the right amount to get you EXCITED, give you the tools you need to be successful and support you on your way.

Our eBooks are written by me (Kassy) and done in such a way as to be an easy read with lots of beautiful photos. Read online on your device, download and save and/or even print and bind your eBook to keep as a reference as you go along. Short, sweet and to the point is the way I roll. No fluff here, just LOADS of inspiration and practical information you need to get growin’. I truly hope these books add value to your market garden, ranch, farm, homestead, patio garden, windowsill – wherever you find a space to put your hands in the soil and grow something beautiful!

Enjoy exploring our educational options,

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