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Grow Your Own! Microgreen Crash Course


I’ve had TONS of requests for a course teaching others how to grow microgreens in their own homes. I am so pleased to offer this course to you! This course consists of quality video, lecture, downloadable e-Book, lecture notes and exclusive access to a PRIVATE FB group for ongoing support and community interaction. This Microgreen course is FUN and designed to get you growing successfully right away. What joy I find in putting my hands in the soil, planting a tiny seed and watching it unfurl. Are you ready to experience this joy too? I am ready to teach you.

This a Microgreen Course is a “Crash” course because you will be given A LOT of information in short easily digestible sessions. Do all sessions at once or split them up at your own pace.

It is designed specifically for the HOME grower. You will be given ALL the basic knowledge you need to get growing right away. Many courses go too far into the nitty gritty of growing for profit, large expensive setups and all the different methods.

THIS COURSE IS DIFFERENT! It is fast paced in a good way – giving you just enough information to start successfully but not too much as to overwhelm you!

You will be able to grow your first tray of microgreens in as little as 7 days. My desire is to teach you how fast, affordable and SIMPLE it really is to grow your own microgreens YEAR ROUND in your own home.


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